Payment Plan Dues – First Half

Payment Plan Option:  Please check the box to the right. 

Note:  Only the administrator can implement.  Once credit card is charged, administrator needs to:

  1. Instruct the member :
    1. We do not keep credit card numbers on file.
    2. We have charged $_____ to your credit card today as a partial payment for membership.
    3. You will need to log into your account and pay the remaining balance prior to opening day by using the shopping cart (go to “Manage Account” and then “Pay Now.”)
    4. You must pay your membership balance prior to going to the pool.
  2. Change the member status to “unpaid”  (on member’s main account and for all members on account).
  3. Enter the full amount paid today as a negative number into the “Account Balance” box on the member’s screen.  (i.e.  -520.00).
  4. All done:)